Gata 70 Street Light


Product Features

  • Standard product is sold with ON/OFF application.
  • Voltage Range: 100~305 VAC, 142~431 VDC for continuous use; 320 VAC for 24 Hrs; 360 VAC for 1 Hr.
  • 1-10 V Dim, DALI Driver, and Emergency Kit can be applied.
  • Impact resistant tempered glass with high transparency.
  • Silicone sealed.



BodyElectrostatic Powder Coated
LEDHigh Power LED
Beam Angle Options30°–45–60°–90°–115°
DiffuserImpact Resistant Tempered Glass with High Transparency
Inner Cutting SizeSurface Mounted
Color Rendering Index (CRI)> 80
PF (Power Factor)> 90
Operating Voltage100~305 Volt AC
LED Life60.000 Hours
Body Color RAL CodeRAL 9005
Total Power of Luminaire71 Watt
Luminous of Luminaire9.675 Lm
Efficiency of Luminairemin 136 Lm/W (6500 K)
Protection Mark (IP) IP 66
Warranty5 Years
Gata 70 Street Light
More Options

More Options

 Total Power of LuminaireLuminous of LuminaireEfficiency of LuminaireDimensions (mm)
incl. Bracket
Package AmountWeight (kg)
70 Watt71 W9.675 Lmmin 136 Lm/W510x220x7014,2



Body ColorBlack
Light Color (Kelvin)2700, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6500
Application AreasUrban Roads, Gas Stations, Factories, Business Premises and Surroundings, Building Surroundings, Parks, Car Parking Areas
Technical Drawing

Technical Drawing for Gata 70 Street Light